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RealStone: Lightweight, Insulated, Natural Stone Walling

RealStone is an exciting, innovative cladding product which offers a beautiful, prestigious natural stone finish with energy-efficient insulation at a highly affordable price relative to other real stone options. Further, RealStone is lightweight, easy-to-install and, for those looking to renovate, offers the opportunity to significantly boost the value of their home.

RealStone offers the following benefits:

STUNNING FINISHRealStone provides a beautiful, prestigious natural stone finish which will make your home the envy of the neighbourhood.

INSULATION PROVIDES COMFORT & SAVINGSRealStone provides a system insulation value of R2.8 which will keep you comfortable all year round and provide you significant savings in energy costs. In addition, since no additional insulation materials are required, RealStone will save you in material and installation costs too.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLYRealStone only utilises 10% of natural stone materials relative to solid stone walls thereby contributing to a lower usage of the earth’s natural resources and contributing to their sustainability. Further, due to its strong insulation qualities, RealStone contributes to lower energy usage (and saves you money!).

TESTED & PROVENRealStone has passed tests independently conducted by a recognised testing authority to comply with the BCA standards AS/NZS4284 (water penetration) and AS 4040 (wind loads – passed at the cyclonic wind load level). Further, an independent professional has calculated the R-values reflected on this website. The results of these tests and ratings can be seen in the adjacent Downloads panel below.

LIGHT-WEIGHT: At 25kg/m2 to 35kg/m2, RealStone is about half the weight of other natural stone solutions. Accordingly, it is far easier to handle.

EASE OF INSTALLATION USING EASYFIX INSTALLATION SYSTEM: In addition to their light weight relative to other natural stone solutions, RealStone panels are installed using our patent-pending EasyFix installation system which provides efficiency and solidity and is clean relative to other systems' messy mortar based fixing processes.

VERSATILE APPLICATIONSRealStone can be used in a multitude of applications (eg: new home, renovation, upper storey additions, commercial buildings, fences, etc), and RealStone panels come in a variety of stones and sizes.

MOISTURE RESISTANT, VERMIN- & ROT-PROOFRealStone’s closed cell insulation is highly moisture resistant and vermin- & rot-proof.

LOW MAINTENANCERealStone requires very little maintenance apart from general cleaning and being a natural finish should last for the life of the home.

AFFORDABLE & EXCELLENT RETURN ON INVESTMENT: Notwithstanding the above great attributes, RealStone is competitively priced. Further, if applied as a renovation, RealStone should greatly increase the value of your house and provide an excellent return on investment.

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